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Card speakers skills of choose and buy
Release date:2015-05-28 Views:1141

    For initial understanding card speakers, available "view, listen to, to recognize" the steps to identify: the concept of a process and parameters, listen to the sound quality, three brand recognition.
A concept of process and parameters
Is a view from the speaker's first appearance as to judge the quality and process precision, fake and inferior products are generally does not pay attention to these details, so a little heart can correct judgment.Card speaker technology parameters of the content is frequency range, the output power and signal-to-noise ratio.
Frequency range is generally 90 hz ~ 20 KHZ, 90 hz said card speakers in the extension of low frequency direction value, the lower the number, low frequency response of the card speaker, the better: 20 KHZ said the card speakers can achieve high frequency extension value, the higher the number, show that the audio features, the better.
An output of a reference index card speaker, how many watts, the index does not show the stand or fall of sound quality, only show to push the card the power amplifier, the battery requirements of power output is required.
Signal-to-noise ratio in the case of an amplifier output signal voltage and the output noise voltage at the same time, usually expressed in decibels, the higher signal-to-noise ratio of the equipment indicates that it produces less noise.In general, the signal-to-noise ratio, the greater the instructions, the smaller the mixed noise in the signal sound playback the sound quality is higher, otherwise the opposite.Signal-to-noise ratio generally should not be less than 70 db, the signal-to-noise ratio of the high fidelity speakers should reach above 110 db, card box marked the signal-to-noise ratio of the minimum of between 70 db and 90 db.
2 listen to the sound quality
Card speakers are plastic, speaker shell material density is smaller, the greater the vibration produced by sound box when, in this respect card speakers it is hard to realize ultra-low sound effects to some extent, this also is almost all the common fault of the card speaker.But extremes meet, so-called card speaker is slightly less than in the bass, the performance of the high and moderate frequency can do very well.Different design structure, different size of the cavity, the card speakers sound quality may vary greatly.
Three recognized brand
Good card speakers have produced gold plated or chrome plated brand mark, if there is no registered trademark tag, no security certification mark on the outer packing, packing internal no warranty card, such as 3 without most are fake and shoddy products.

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